Open Source Entrepreneur Network is organizing its first Open Source Entrepreneur Network (OSEN) Symposium in collaboration with the Linux Foundation. The symposium will be co-located with the upcoming Open Source Summit North America. The event will take place on September 14, 2017.

“What is the common thread from the major software success stories of the past decade? What do Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook all have in common?” said John Mark Walker, the founder of OSEN and organiser of the Symposium. “At first, you may think that they are all very different businesses with different business models, and they are. But there’s one thing that gives each of them an edge in their respective businesses: open source collaboration.”

Open Source is the key ingredient that enabled these, and many more companies, to build massive empires on top of the commoditized software.

“The secret of 21st century innovation is that much of it doesn’t happen inside software vendors anymore, rather the most innovative companies have learned how to make use of all the innovation that happens outside their office walls and often beyond their control. Of course, each of these companies can employ armies of engineers whose job is to source, obtain and integrate the latest and greatest innovative code to power their business,” said Walker.

But the big question here is what about smaller companies that can’t afford that many engineers? How can these companies benefit from open source collaboration and innovation? It’s already happening, Uber or AirBnB were relatively smaller companies but Open Source enabled them to use resources wisely and literally transform the hotel and taxi industries

At this event, attendees will learn how to best make use of all the innovation taking place in open source communities and use it to create reliable businesses and solutions. I will cite case studies that demonstrate the ROI on software collaboration, and I will lay out why open source collaboration skills are *the* most in-demand skills in the market today.

The key speakers and talks of the event include:

  • How to successfully enter the FOSS emerging market – VM Brasseur, Technical Business and Open Source Strategy Consultant
  • The World Bank GeoNode Study: 200% ROI on Open Source Community Participation – James Vasile, Partner at Open Tech Strategies
  • Innovating in the open: Lessons from a 3 time founder of successful open source based businesses – Evan Powell, CEO, Cloudbyte
  • There is no Open Source Business Model – Stephen Walli, Open Source and Tech Strategy Consultant
  • Effective Business Leadership with Open Source Supply Chain Management -Shane Coughlan, OpenChain Project Leader
  • The Principles of Open Source Entrepreneurship – John Mark Walker, Creator of OSEN

The event is targeted at engineering managers, product management, supply chain/software asset management, legal, and any startup entrepreneur.

If you plan to attend the event, the takeaway will be the things you need to know, to consume open source as a core ingredient for your business. The event will show you how to get started down the path. By the end of the day, attendees will understand what they don’t know and will know where to look.

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