At the SUSECon 17, SUSE announced that it’s powering the SAP Cloud Platform. The two core components of SAP Cloud Platform are SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is based on OpenStack Newton. It brings all the upstream goodies of Newton, plus support form SUSE. On the storage side, SUSE is using the open source Ceph technology as the foundation for SUSE Enterprise Storage.

SAP and SUSE are long time partners and have been working together for more than 18 years.

“We are excited that SAP Cloud Platform in SAP data centers now leverages SUSE’s reliable and high-performing open source solutions for managing and deploying virtual machines, as well as storing and managing critical enterprise data,” said Björn Goerke, chief technology officer and president, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP SE, commented.

SAP Cloud Platform is SAP’s agile platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for digital transformation, with comprehensive application development services and capabilities that allow businesses to collect, manage, analyze and leverage information of all types, to extend and connect to business systems, and to innovate new edge scenarios to allow businesses to continuously adapt and advance.

Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE chief technology officer. “Our shared roots run deep, as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications has long been a leading platform for SAP solutions on Linux. Today, SUSE also collaborates with SAP within the Cloud Foundry Foundation and shares a vision for the convergence of Kubernetes, containers and Cloud Foundry technologies. Through it all, SUSE’s mission is to continue to be the best platform and open source technology provider for running SAP applications, services and workloads.”