I have been introducing users to Linux since 2005. Over the last 12 years, I have moved a lot of users to Linux. However, my initial approach of converting Windows or macOS users was flawed. Most of those users went back to their previous platforms. I refined my approach and now, instead of converting users from one platform to another, I migrate them.

The basic idea is to understand the needs of a user and then introduce them to viable open source alternative of the non-free applications they were using on the existing platform. Make sure that these applications are available on both, their existing platform and desktop Linux.

Then instead of wiping Windows from their system and installing Linux, install these open source applications and help them in moving their workloads to these applications. Give them a few weeks to get used to open source applications on Windows and once they are used to it, replace the underneath OS with some Linux based distribution.

I explained the process in this video:

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  • Hellmark

    This has always been my approach. Once they’re using stuff that has Linux versions, it is easy to go “Hey, do you want to spend $100 for the new version of Windows, or do you want to switch to Linux for free?”