Crossing lines (C)

If you still rely on certain Windows applications, you don’t have to keep that Windows laptop around.

As a Chromebook user, you know Windows apps don’t run on ChromeOS; it’s a different platform. In most cases, you don’t need any Windows specific apps, but if there are some corner cases, now you can run some Windows applications on Chromebook.

CodeWeaver is bringing its flagship app CrossOver to ChromeOS. Who is CodeWeaver? It’s the corporate sponsor of fully open source application Wine, which allows users to run select Windows applications on Linux and macOS. CrossOver is based on Wine, with additional patches, features, support and ease of use.

CodeWeaver has been working on a beta of CrossOver for Chrome OS. It has become possible thanks to Android subsystem of Chrome OS, that allows users to run Android applications on Chrome OS.

“With the announcement of support of Android in Chrome OS, suddenly things made a lot more sense,” said Jeremy White, Founder and CEO of CodeWeaver.

The company has been working on Android for the last four years, to bring Windows applications to Android powered devices. However, they realized that you can’t really get the desktop experience on Android phones. “Your fingers can’t operate the menus.   The screen isn’t big enough, and you don’t really want to compose a document with an onscreen keyboard.  It didn’t help that Intel effectively exited the phone and tablet space, and we really need to run on an x86 compatible processor in order to provide a good experience,” said White.

But when Google announced support for Android apps on ChromeOS, CodeWeavers say an opportunity to add another platform to their product. “A Chromebook has a big enough screen.  And a keyboard and a mouse.  And often, an Intel processor.  What’s more, it’s really handy to have Quicken or Wizard 101 or your favorite Windows application right there,” said White.

So how to get started? Just download CrossOver from the PlayStore on your Chromebook and check out the list of available Windows applications. Microsoft Word is certainly one of the most looked after application, and now you can run it on your Chromebook.

Go ahead, try it out and let me know what you think about it.