The 106 years old tech giant IBM has joined 5 years old Docker’s MTA (modernize traditional applications). The announcement was made at DockerCon Europe.

“Through Docker EE for IBM Cloud and Docker’s MTA Program, the two companies are making it easier than ever for clients to modernize their existing applications,” said Jason McGee, VP, IBM Cloud Platform. “Today’s announcement from IBM and Docker is another big step forward in our long-standing partnership to further fuel public cloud adoption with containers.”

MTA enables IT organizations to modernize their legacy applications by containerizing them with rewriting a single line of code. Once these apps are containerized, companies are free to add features and functionalities by adding more containers. They can not innovate faster and respond to competition. Docker engineer gave demos of containerizing traditional apps on stage, under five minutes.

Docker claims that customers who have participated in the MTA program to date have realized the portability, agility and security benefits of the platform and a savings of more than 50 percent of their total cost of ownership (TCO).

However, as impressive as the MTA program is, it’s not effective without partners with reach across the globe. It needs partners with expertise to actually help customers. IBM joins a growing list of MTA partners that already include Microsoft & Avanade, HPE, CISCO and Accenture.

IBM said that customers running Docker on IBM Cloud will also get access to IBM’s wide range of services including Watson. Watson itself runs on Docker.

According to Docker, since the launch of the MTA program in April of this year, Docker and its partners have helped their customers modernize hundreds of Linux Java and Windows .NET applications with 100 percent success rate. Most enterprise IT organizations have hundreds or thousands of custom legacy business applications that are expensive to maintain from both a CapEx (infrastructure) and OpEx (labor and overhead) standpoint.

MTA also helps companies in moving budget from maintenance to innovation as 80 percent of the enterprise IT budget spent on the maintenance of legacy applications with only 20 percent left for new initiatives and innovation. With Docker EE and the MTA program, organizations are able to reduce their TCO and re-allocate their budgets to new innovations.