Kubernetes is the new Linux. Everyone, friends and enemies, are using it. AWS, Cloud Foundry, Microsoft. Name the player and they are in the Kubernetes camp. Now, Docker is also boarding the kubernetes ship.

At DockerCon Europe, Solomon Hykes, the founder of Docker, announced that the company will be using Kubernetes to power the application orchestration of the enterprise edition of Docker.

Now Docker is supporting both Swarm and Kubernetes. “We’ve seen the need for additional orchestration capabilities, so we are adding the ability to use Kubernetes as part of stock or Enterprise edition to not only provide this seamless devs to ops development process using Kuberntes but also to provide a fully enterprise grade platform for IT to be able to to use Kuberntes as an orchestrator in their environment,” said Banjot Chanana, Sr. Director of Product Management at Docker.

What does it mean?
It means that Docker Engine Enterprise customers can now choose between either Swarm, Docker’s own schedular or Kubernetes. This move continues the trend of Docker opening up to offer more flexibility to its customers, allowing them to choose the technologies they want for their workload.

The added value for enterprise customers is that they get benefits of all what we have today with Docker Enterprise Edition, all the security benefits with our current capabilities, The ability to develop their secure supply chain and and be able to now use Kubernetes as part of the orchestration for their runtime environment.

Customers get compatibility across all the various deployment models that they want to use, whether they’re using Linux based distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Server, Windows or mainframe.

Docker has been working closely with the Kubernetes community for a very long time and with this announcement they will have even deeper involvement with the community.