BlueScare: Linux vulnerable to BlueBorne bug

Armis, the enterprise IoT security company, has found eight serious security flaws called BlueBorne, in Bluetooth protocol. According to Armis, these vulnerabilities are the most...

How to use Open Source to build business: OSEN Symposium

Open Source is the key ingredient that enabled these, and many more companies, to build massive empires on top of the commoditized software.

Microsoft brings SQL Server to RHEL, Red Hat brings OpenShift to...

The two companies are creating an even playing field so customers can consume the technologies that they need, irrespective of where they come from...

Core OS brings Tectonic to Azure Cloud

This release makes it easier for companies to consume Kubernetes.

Mirantis launches course to prepare students for Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam

If you want to pass the CNCF’s Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam, this is a great course.

Meet Kolab Now, the privacy protecting competitor to Google Docs, Office...

Kolab Now offers a Libreoffice based online office suite for enterprise customers that is designed with privacy protection.

Kubernetes gets upgraded to Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Web Services has become a platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation that hosts the Kubernetes project.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4: make Linux secure again

This release of RHEL 7.4 comes with feature that will make any sysadmin happy. SELinux for OverlayFS, LiveFS for updating without reboots and automated workflow via Ansible automation...

openSUSE Leap 42.3 review; the 33% distro

An enterprise grade distribution for developers and creators

Year of desktop Linux; separating fact from fiction

Will 2017 be the year of Linux? What about 2018? We’ll have mid-term elections. Let’s skip to 2020. Who has better chances at success - Linux on desktop or Trump reclaiming the White House again? Let’s have an open discussion.

System 76 creates a new OS for Linux Professionals

What’s Pop!_OS? Why is System76 creating yet another Linux-based operating system? Why can’t they just use something like elementary OS or Linux Mint? I will try to answer these questions for you.

Timeline: Microsoft’s major open source announcements so far

Microsoft has been open sourcing it's technologies since 2004!

It’s time to become a Cloud Foundry Certified Developer

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has formally announced the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD) program.

Microsoft joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation

Microsoft has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Gold member. It’s a natural progression for the company who has been embracing and adopting open source for its enterprise customers.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.3 shows why Ceph is the future...

Red Hat has announced the availability of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.3, which is based on Ceph 10.2 (Jewel).